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Everyone agrees that a tiled roof is cool, long lasting and attractive compared to other types of covering so why don’t we see more tiled roofs in hurricane prone regions like the caribbean?  Interestingly, it has nothing to do with the tiles per se it is just that many people have found it difficult to get them to remain attached to the roof during a strong wind!  

If we could attach them securely they would be the perfect roofing material and so how do we do that?  Over the years a variety of clips and fastenings have been devised to secure roofing tiles with varying degrees of success. Then over 30 years ago a group of chemists and engineers started looking at the problem from a different angle and came up with the “Adhesive Set” method.

Using the Adhesive set method we literally glue the tiles to the roof and this has proven to be an immensely strong, simple to use, and long lasting method of tile attachment. This method is so good it has has long been approved for the Miami / Dade High Velocity Hurricane Zone building codes.

IMCP tiles have been specifically designed and manufactured for this method of attachment.  Now, using our tiles and this method, you can get a fantastic roof that does everything you want it too.  It will be cool, long lasting, attractive and STRONG in bad weather.

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