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Whether you are building a new house or replacing an existing roof, choosing IMCP’s hand made Enduro range of roofing products is simply the best choice you can make.

There are many reasons to use tiles.

Our roofs are cool in the sun, quiet in the rain, strong in the storm and pleasing to the eye.  Our design philosophy was to produce a roof that looks rustic and in balance with the surroundings, not garish and out of place.

IMCP tiles, be they Enduroshake or Enduroslates, are styled to closely represent either aged Wallaba shingles or English slates but with none of their problems.

The remarkable insulation properties of IMCP tiles mean the need for AC is much less. Homeowners have reported temperature drops of over 6° C when Enduroshakes have replaced wood.

All IMCP tiles are installed to the demanding Miami / Dade High Velocity Zone Code using approved materials and techniques. Our attachment method has been proved by science and nature to resist even the strongest Hurricanes.

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Roof tiles and shingles have a bad rap in Hurricane prone areas. This is not entirely justified, there is nothing wrong with the tiles per se it is just their inability to remain attached to the roof that was the problem! A tiled roof is cool, long lasting, and attractive, but how to attach them? Various clips and fastenings have been devised over the years with differing degrees of success. Over 30 years ago a group of chemists and engineers approached the problem from a different angle and came up with the “Adhesive Set” method. This has proven to be an immensely strong, simple to use, and permanent method of tile attachment. One manufacturer of the adhesive claims no known failures world wide, in any Hurricane or storm in 30 years!

It has long been approved to the Miami / Dade High Velocity Hurricane Zone building codes. IMCP tiles are specifically designed for this method of attachment. Tiled roofs can now be said to be cool, long lasting, attractive, and STRONG.

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Wallaba is harvested from the Tropical rain forests of the Amazon / Orinoco basin and so its use is associated with the political and ecological issues of tropical rainforest clearance.  Much of the old growth timber has already been cleared in any case and so many of the shingles now available are not of the quality available only a few years ago. As the shingles age, they crack, resulting in leaks.

Wallaba shingles leach brown tannin making water harvesting difficult requiring complex filtering to produce potable, clean, and clear water..

English slates make for a very resilient roof, and water harvesting is simple, but due to its weight, cost of importing slate is remarkably high.  

Wallaba shingles and English slates are mechanically attached resulting in thousands of penetrations of the underlying waterproof membrane. As roof nails age they rust resulting in loose slates and shingles.


Our paving products are all handmade and individually textured and coloured. They are produced with a technique that makes a very hard and dense paver that should not be confused with the “cookie cutter”, mass produced, products made by others.

The slight variation in size and often marked variation in colour and texture gives a very natural, and sympathetic feel to pathways and drives.

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