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Want a roof that is cool in the heat, quiet in the rain and strong in a storm?


IMCP Enduroshake and Enduroslates,  are styled to closely represent aged Wallaba shingles and English slates respectively. Our aim, when designing the tiles, was to produce roofs that blended to their environment, we wanted to produce roofs that already look “aged”. Hand made with fresh volcanic ash from the slopes of an active volcano, our tiles have an attractive rustic, natural feel.

IMCP tiles are specifically designed for the adhesive set method of attachment as set out in the demanding Miami / Dade High Velocity Hurricane Zone code. Simply the strongest method of attaching roof coverings. See the Architects section for more details of this method specifically developed for Hurricane prone areas.


An IMCP tiled roof is remarkably affordable. Not only are our roofs surprisingly inexpensive in the beginning, they are certainly the cheapest in the long run. Most other hurricane resistant roofing has quite short life spans, and will require replacement in often as short as only a few years.

Our tiles are made of a fine grained concrete, they will not rot, be eaten by termites, leak, be degraded by sunlight, or be blown off in a hurricane.

Our kind of tile was first widely used in the 1840’s and many are still going strong to this day.

Waterproof and Stormproof

Our tiles require no mechanical fastenings and so no penetrations of the waterproof membrane. Other mechanically fastened system literally require tens of thousands of nail or screw holes, each a source of leaks.

Our method has been proven in testing and by nature to be by far the most Hurricane resistant method of tile attachment.

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